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理念與目標(Ideas and Goals)






Ideas and Goals: General Education at NHCUE

After this school was upgraded and renamed as “National Hsinchu University of Education” in 2005, NHCUE has been considering itself as an instruction-oriented university with the liberal spirit. With a careful assessment of its resources, the social circumstances and its capacities for further expansion, NHCUE not only continued the mature development in the sphere of normal school, but also incorporated the enthusiasm in both teaching practice and research on the basis of a vision that NHCUE can cultivate quality educators and practitioners in cultural industry.     
Following the university’smottos, the General Education of NHCUE aims to prepare our students to be knowledgeable, virtuous, dignified, and insightful. The aims are crystalized into their cultivations of six basic qualities, including professional practice, creative thinking, cooperative communication, responsible compassion, passion for lifelong learning, and leadership with wide scope. The aims and qualities of general education are the framework within which student can integrate the prerequisite concepts of general study in college with the emphasis on the breadth of knowledge and the development of academic competence. Therefore, the general education program serves the complements to student’s specialized major and support his/her interdisciplinary learning. This program also helps student cultivate their civic and humanistic accomplishments by immersing him/her in the knowledge of humanities, arts, science, and nature. Student is thus expected to become a well-rounded individual with knowledge, morale, responsibility, vision and lifelong-learning motif; also a decent citizen who understands self, others, society and the entire eco-system. The goals of the general education program at

NHCUE are as follows: 
1) To establish a culture-based general education; 
2) to cultivate in students the basic accomplishments of a modern citizen;
3) to inspire student’s exploration and fulfillment of his/her personal life.

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